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Desert Snow Criminal Interdiction Workshop (PA0011)

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Desert Snow National Tour 3 Day Criminal Interdiction Workshop Outline I. Learning to Identify Indicators of Criminal Activity a. How to Conduct a Systematic & Legal Traffic Stop 

b. Developing Roadside Conversational Skills 

c. Understanding Consensual Encounters 

d. How & When to Ask Clarifying Questions 

e. Asking For Consent to Search 

f. Vehicle Concealment Methods 

g. Legalities Concerning All of The Above II. 

Hands on Practical's 

a. Proper search of a Van 

b. Proper search of a Car 

c. Proper search of a Truck 

d. Proper search of an SUV 

e. Vehicle components display. 

f. Consent to Search and traffic stops.

 g. Clarifying questions III. Roadside Interview 

a. Post Arrest 

b. Disseminating Roadside Intelligence 

c. Currency Seizure Do’s and Don’ts 

d. Report Writing 

e. The Court Process 

f. Courtroom Testimony

 g. Recap, review, student question 

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